Vita… Why Anything Less Is Almost A Waste

Vita… Why Anything Less Is Almost A Waste

With so many handheld gaming devices on the market today, it really makes for a tough decision when you look at all your options. On one hand, you have the Nintendo handhelds which have a long standing record of quality, an established library of games, and the 3DS’s new 3D handheld gaming technology. On the other hand, there’s tons of tablets and smartphones out there that have great gaming function as well. They aren’t as gaming focused since their core use is still calling/apps/etc but they’re a great platform if you aren’t sure you want a separate gaming system. Both of those are great options if you want gaming on the go, but nothing else really compares to Sony’s new Playstation Vita’s arsenal of high powered specs and amazing functionality.

Let’s take a look right here at the Vita itself, it’s got a 5 inch OLED (Organic LED) screen that displays in beautiful resolution with dual joysticks, a D-Pad on one side, and your standard Playstation buttons on the other right below its front-facing camera. On top you’ve got a pair of triggers, volume and power controls, game slot and what looks like an additional port for accessories or even maybe a mini-HDMI cable. Finally on the back you’ve got the 5 inch rear touch pad mirroring the size and position of the OLED on the front as well as the rear camera on the top middle.

On top of that, the Vita comes with an internal gyroscope for tilt gameplay, an internal microphone for voice and chat functions and two small but potent built in front speakers just on the outside of the joysticks. All in all you’ve got a handheld with more standard features than any other handheld gaming device on the market and the largest touch screen outside of a tablet.

When it comes to games, the Vita literally does it all, from shooters to puzzle and strategy games, RPGs and fighters. With tons of first party games as well as ports and releases related to PS3 titles, the Vita library is growing by the minute. With nearly a dozen titles available at launch, we can expect to see the library expand rapidly as time goes on and that’s not even counting digital titles. Any compatible digital PSP title can be also downloaded to the Vita’s memory card (regrettably sold separately if you didn’t purchase a bundle) as well as the digital releases of Vita games through the Playstation Store gives you literally over one hundred titles to choose from from day one.

If you’re worried that all you’re getting is a gaming system with the Vita, you needn’t panic. It also has many of the same media and app capabilities that smart phones have like a web browser, video and audio player, and other popular apps like Netflix and Skype. Hands down when you compare the Vita with other handheld gaming options on the market today, you’re getting more bang for your buck when you go with a Vita over other handheld gaming devices.