Porsche Cayenne Miami – Engine Performance Make it Unique

By admin / December 22, 2016

Porsche is known for excellent performance. And they continue to give a whole new meaning to performance with every new model they launch. That is why they make an effort to come up with more powerful engine. The Cayenne Turbo is one of the living proofs.

The Cayenne's engine is hand assembled like all of Porsche's, and its twin turbo V8 stands for technical excellence. Porsche Cayenne Miami Turbo boasts of excellent systems that set it apart from the others. First is the Motronic system. The others are the resonance induction system, the static high-voltage ignition system, and the sequential fuel injection system.

Motronic System

Motronic ME7.1.1., specifically, is responsible for controlling the split second precision of the V8 and V6 super engines of Cayenne. What makes it special is the way it manages to put a balance between smoothness and power. It is truly an intelligent engine management system that proves Cayenne is not just all brawn. It has got a brain, too.

This special system is built with the objective of monitoring the engine components as well as the sensors. It does so by a comparison of data, which corresponds to reference values. All this occurs in a millisecond speed. If any differences are found, the Motronic system will then make the necessary adjustment to the key engine functions involved based on the results of the comparison.

In addition to the fuel injection ignition, the Motronic system also includes the cylinder-specific knock control, onboard diagnostics and automatic adaptation concerning the fuel quality.

The engine maintains an excellent level of both power and torque as this process is automatic and it occurs in a seamless motion. As a result, better fuel economy is achieved. With this system, there is also a lower emission coming from the exhaust stream. Ultimately, this means optimum performance, whatever the driving condition is.

The Motronic system also regulates the air flow into the engine. This action is meant to assure optimum levels of performance. This regulates the boost pressure that goes into the Cayenne Turbo.

Resonance Induction System

This system built into the Cayenne model comes with a variable-length intake manifold. The system utilizes pressure waves from the inlet valves. This is done with the objective of increasing the density of the incoming air. Such will also boost the energy which is released in the process of combustion.

The system will choose from the two intake tubes. The selected tube will be based on the speed. For lower speeds, the longer tube is utilized in an effort to optimize the low-end torque. When speed switches to 4250 RPM, the shorter intake tube is then in operation. The switch from the longer to the shorter intake tube results in an optimum power output that also comes with a better throttle response.

Other Changes in Porsche Cayenne

Other noteworthy changes in the Porsche Cayenne includes an improved combustion that results in better fuel economy with more power, and reduced emissions that require less maintenance. Such is made possible through a static high-voltage ignition system that is built with separate ignition coils placed on every spark plug.

The sequential fuel injection system, on the other hand, is responsible for the continuous adjustment to ensure a precise air and fuel mix. This makes the Porsche Cayenne a better automobile for the environment with lesser emissions.

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