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Porsche is one of the most recognizable cars in the world. This car was designed to be this way. It was no accident. Ferdinand Porsche founded this company in 1931. Ferdinand would prove to be an excellent engineer that would go on to develop a brand that was associated with style, high-class sophistication, and speed.

The early models of these cars were colorful and with big lights in the front. There were models with drop top roofs as early as 1952. Porsche would go on to make variations of the brand with models like the 912 and the Boxster.

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Powerful Performance

This embodied the car and the picture of the wild stallion with an incredibly high kick meant something. It was an unspoken symbol of the powerful performance that the Porsche was supposed to provide. This awesome horsepower feature meant speed and the design of the Porsche symbolized luxury. This was a combination that made the brand stand out as a something of a sports car. People that hear about this vehicle will instantly conjure up imagery of a rich lifestyle and a fast driver speeding down the highway. The mere name of the car strikes up a vision. This is branding at its best.

Sports Car

These cars have always been rather small. This is where a lot of the sports car association comes into play. People that have seen a Porsche know that this is not a family car. It’s too small for a large family, but this unique design is on purpose. This is another thing that makes the car recognizable to many people.

The Porsche brand has actually expanded into tractors and race cars, but the consumer model brands are still the most popular. The Boxster and the 911 are at the top of the list of best sellers. Have a peek at this article. This brand is recognized almost instantly. People that are driving these cars don’t have to stop for spectators to support these vehicles. When these small, stylish cars go speeding by people, know what they are viewing.

Porsche Dealers

The brand name stands out even more sense these cars are typically sold at authorized Porsche dealership with the big logo on the sign. This is unique because most cars, even the popular ones, don’t have any logo association. The Porsche, however, does and this has been a very important part of the branding process. Champion Porsche Dealer in Miami gives you more options and better pricing on your new and Pre-owned Porsche.

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