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Arguably the most exciting use of Portable stage for disco dance platforms which is always a lot of fun and excitement, you may have seen action at the clubs, parties, and even weddings. The most iconic disco dance portable stage, which is likely the very first image people think when they hear “disco” is from the epic dance movie Saturday Night Fever. Disco was a hugely popular music genre and had its very own dance style in the seventies, and it’s great to see those exciting stages still very much in use today. Must read this article about Portable Stage Rental for school

Though the music has waned in popularity, disco dance portable stage remains a club favorite. Today’s disco dance portable stages are hi-tech, employing multicolored LED lights to light up each platform a different color. In the past, multi-color spotlights were shone on the platforms, though the effect was not as vibrant as LED lighting today. Disco floors today are now controlled by computers which can actually make the illuminated dance stage floor into any image it wants. (see google doc) If you want the traditional ’70s disco random coloring it can be done easily. But if you want to make the entire stage geometric, all one color, or even display an image or animation, then the complex circuitry can make that happen as well. Visit here to read more Outdoor stages for schools

Portable stage for dance floor

Constructing a portable stage for disco floor seems much more complicated than it actually is. Underneath is a metal frame acting as the base and also contains the lighting and wiring.

There are large sections of glass or Plexiglas tiles which make up the surface of the dance floor. These are thick and can support the weight of many people dancing on top. There are also multiple metal supports running through the dance floor like a grid for added structural integrity. This gives the disco dance flooring its trademark cube-tiling appearance.

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The Plexiglas can be clear or opaque and serves a second purpose to absorb the head emanating from the lighting below. This isn’t as much a problem today as it was before because LEDs use very little electricity and are consequently not very hot. Without Plexiglas, this type of dance floor would not be possible. Plexiglas is extremely thick and durable and won’t crack like glass. While there are some floors that are clear, these are rarer as they require the lighting and wiring to be well hidden within the support frame. Otherwise, most disco floors are opaque to hide the mess underneath. This gives a nice illusion of a magical dance floor that lights up without revealing the technical innards like a magician revealing his secret.

LEDs are prevalent in many things today including car lights and home light fixtures.  The bulbs rarely have to be replaced, and that is a good thing as opening up the floor can be a big issue. Some dance clubs even have underground maintenance rooms right under the dance floor where technicians can easily access the electronics and do regular service. LEDs also save on energy and don’t get as hot, keeping the dance flooring cool.

Some of the more extravagant disco floors from back in the ’70s even featured revolving floors. These were usually elevated and had mechanical components underneath that would slowly move the floor in a circular motion. This type of floor is not seen anymore, but you can still find a fun and exciting Portable stages for disco dance flooring in clubs and dance halls quite easily today.

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3 Reasons for choosing Nexgen Portable Stage for dance floor

At present, the portable stage is extensively made use of all over, for example, museums, colleges, live shows and so forth. This is a new type of mobile stage system. Comparing to the conventional stages, the portable stage has 3 added benefits.
  1. Portable stage is easy to Set-up – Portable stage is comprised of portable stage platforms and stage risers. The easy framework makes it very easy to develops. There is no need of great deals of hefty resource, a portable stage could set up by a girl.
  2. Portable stage is light-weight – Nexgen Portable stage platform is basically made from excellent quality plywood, which is durable and light. The unique layout stage risers make the stage hold a hefty weight also a car and truck! The conventional stage is primarily made from lightweight aluminum, iron, copper and various other steels, that make the stage much heavy. Nexgen portable stage is light and it is very easy to transport.
  3. Portable stage is budget friendly

There is no need of excessive material, the portable stage is much easier to make. Comparing to the common stage, the portable stage is more affordable.

As a result of 3 key benefits of portable staging, the portable stage is getting more popular and a lot more in demand. People try to find well known and reputed stage manufacturing companies to buy the portable staging system.

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