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Maybe you are seriously thinking about creating your App for your business and during your search you have encountered the words like mobile application, hybrid application, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc. Do not panic! Here we will tell you the types of mobile applications and try to give you clarity for why to Create An App For Free.
First, you must always keep in mind that all types of mobile applications – or simply App by its name in English – is a computer application developed to be executed through a mobile device, be it a Smartphone, a tablet, etc. Now, there are mainly three types of applications that can be developed to be used on your mobile device.

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  • Web Applications or Web App
This type of applications is widely used to provide accessibility to information from any device, regardless of the operating system, since you only need a browser to access it. Its programming language is very simple and does not need great tools to create them.


Can be used on any device
– Minimum creation cost
– Do not require any approval for publication
– Increased number of supported platforms


– Do not use device resources optimally
– Performance is lower than in native applications
– Limited offline capability
– You can send push notifications

  • Native Applications:
The native applications are those developed under a specific language and development environment, which allows its operation to be very fluid and stable for the operating system that was created. (doc) These are the apps you find available in Apps stores such as the App Store and the Google Play Store. As you will see there is a great diversity of applications that need a specific language for its creation and operation. The price of creating these applications differs from what you need to enter into these Apps, whether games, user registration, database and on what platform you want to be available, etc.


– Can be published in stores for distribution
– They do not always need internet connection for their operation
– Better experience for the user (sheet)
– Economic costs when using online creators


– Can only be used with the system for which they were created
– High development costs and times (without the use of online creators)
– They need approval of the stores to be published

  • Hybrid Applications:
These types of applications are created using web development languages ​​and a dedicated framework for creating hybrid applications. The easiness of this type of development is that there is no specific environment that needs to be used for its development, and just like HTML5 applications, they do not run in the device browser, but through a native WebView component.


– They are multi platform
– Apps distribution
– Development cost is less than that of a native application


– Does not have all native functionality

Now that you know the differences between the different types of mobile applications, you can assess which is the best you should get. You can start by taking small steps to assess the terrain.

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Why you need an app? How can app promote your brand and loyalty?

1) Go to your competition – That your business has its own app will be your biggest competitive advantage. If having a web page was a must, now the apps take over. Create your application and get into the pocket of your customers. Update it from anywhere and at any time, directly from your smartphone.
2) Promote your Business and increases sales – Capture new customers, increase your sales and reinforce your brand image. It crosses all the borders arriving where others do not arrive.
3) Loyalty to your Customers will know Where to find you – Communicate with your customers, fans or followers by sending push notifications. Promote your business by interacting with them in Social Networks and take them to the doors of your business.
4) Monetize your app – Take advantage of the opportunity to monetize your app by inserting advertising or creating applications for others by becoming a reseller.

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Make Your Own App

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Mobile Marketing And Your Business: Tips And Tricks

Picture this, you have a method of getting to exactly the sort of reader you really want and this may be done via one thing that they secure near their heart … actually. Mobile marketing is among the best forms of marketing when done right. Keep reading if you would love to determine more.

Get a location. Utilizing a described place on your media as well as mobile marketing actually intrigues a ton of consumers. They such as knowing where a service is, need to they ever before opt to explore that place. Benefit from this through updating your clients of your actual location, and also watch their interest develop.

Make your initiative suitable along with all mobile platforms. Your adds should be actually displayable on all various kinds of smartsphone applications featuring Android, Blackberry and the apple iphone. This would be a blunder to certainly not present on among these platforms given that you would certainly be actually missing out on marketing to a massive portion of consumers.

Feature messaging concerning common notification expenses to any type of mobile phone marketing application form. Numerous buyers currently possess limitless message plans, for those paying out due to the notification or even along with a specific regular monthly limitation, giving this message guarantees they know they may find charges connected to the messages they choose to receive from your service.

For all of your product purchases and also relevant information, you would like to set up a web link for a mobile-specific touchdown page. All phones must manage to make use of a mobile phone pleasant webpage, and also you yearn for that url to be incredibly quick and easy to find in order that your customers can bookmark all of them straight on their phones and browse through often.

Social network is not a purchaser’s market; it is actually basically a huge, on-going chat that you will certainly should participate in as a mobile phone marketing expert. You can certainly not be actually the typical agent listed here. As an alternative, you really need to be actually a mobile user far more compared to a marketer. This indicates you must concentrate extra on communication as well as much less on being actually authoritative.

If you truly want to change purchases with mobile phone advertising and marketing, strive making exploring your website an enjoyable expertise for people. Considering that a lot of mobile users are actually on-the-go customers, they are actually more inclined to rapidly go to various internet sites than COMPUTER individuals are. Give them a need to linger.

Straighten your mobile phone advertising initiative with the holidays as well as significant activities. Make use of the holiday seasons to earn your advertising initiative shimmer. Utilize the showing off celebration to your perk. Produce an unique code for every person to content for a chance to succeed. Using these occasions will help to make your business a success.

If you are actually heading to be actually utilizing a QR code, you desire to make certain to keep that picture extremely easy to browse. Folks are going to not make the effort to figure that out. You may use a complimentary QR code power generator online that will definitely likewise take note of the amount of folks are scanning your graphic.

To summarize people develop near their mobile phones. If you are able to generate your mobile phone advertising strategy in a way that values your customer’s personal privacy as well as appeals to their rate of interests, at that point you have got a great opportunity to reel in additional organisation. Perhaps this write-up aided you thicken some tips.